Peek is a highly skilled creative studio that provides complete and progressive web and design solutions. We are experienced in web and user experience design, web applications and graphic design. Our core values influence everything we do in business and in life. We are dedicated to our craft and utilise intelligent, thoughtful design and functionality together with our enthusiasm and passion to help our clients attract and retain the right brand of people for them.

Also, just in case you were wondering, we know that the peak of a mountain is spelt with an ‘a’ and peek is when you catch a glimpse, spelt with two e’s. We didn’t include mountains in our logo because it is a homophone of peek but because we also happen to like mountain peaks… you can see the whole picture from way up there.


Building A Community Worth Having

We support our community through sharing idea’s, knowledge and solutions. We love open-source solutions for the same reasons. Ten thousand heads are usually better than one especially when they are the type of heads that are aligned and invested in the same goal.


Doing the right thing the right way

Having integrity means developing solutions for the core problem of the project, that will scale effectively. We always look for the best solution for our clients and are open and honest in everything we do in the process.

Dedication to Craft

Dedicating ourselves to our Craft

We love the craft of design and development and this means we take pride and care in our work down to the finest of details. We always strive for the highest standards and create space for the fostering of ours and our clients’ creativity.



Our door is always open to exploring new ideas and new solutions to old and new problems. We create an environment where new ideas are encouraged and none are dismissed without consideration.


Developing Solutions that Last

Sustainable to us is solutions that can adapt to the growth of a business and that utilise and encourage sustainable “real-world” practices.