Buzzing with an Idea

Peek is currently in the early stages of an App development. We hope to help in solving what we see as a real-world problem. We think that we are, on the one hand way too connected with the wider global community but, on the other, almost completely disconnected with our local communities. We can see what Miley Cirus is up to by going to her twitter. But we don’t care about Miley, she has no impact on our immediate surroundings. We care more about the people in our neighbourhood and the businesses near where we work. Also, we think we really should care more about people and businesses close to us. This to us is a healthier society. Others agree, see here for comment on research by Harvard Professor Putnam who has concerns that there are “many forces today [that] hinder the building of social capital”. This ‘social capital’ is what binds communities together. On the other hand we also “live in a time of unprecedented opportunities to communicate and a deep desire to be connected to community.” Even if it is as simple as being more likely to notice if someone is trying to break into our neighbour’s car (and the same goes for someone breaking into ours) then technology that helps us with is well worth it right?

Peek Web Studio

Our App is a locality based forum-style social media platform. It’s goal is to facilitate discussion and therefore connection between local communities. At it’s core it is based on proximity. We see it as a tool for local communities generally and for specialised communities that need a convenient method to connect to other members of their community. We see it as an App that would fit perfectly with inspirational organisations that we have run into recently like and for example.

So far, we have developed the idea into a concept and are working on wireframing and art concepts. We are leaning towards calling it Hiver. This is primarily because we think Bees are amazing. They are always looking out for the interests of the hive above all else for one, and see here for 10 other facts if you need more convincing. Plus maybe each community within our App could have their own “hive”. Seems to make sense to us.

We will be posting here with updates on progress.