Effective Blog Posting for your Business

Sometimes you need to take your own advice before you give such advice to others. I’m not including this as one of those times so here it is: regular high quality blog posting is good for increasing site traffic, and site traffic is good for business, so do it. But how often? How long should the posts be? What should be in them? My business doesn’t have one, can you make me one?

I’ll answer the last question first (good question by the way). The answer is yes, yes we can. Quickly too (read ‘affordable’). With bells and whistles to taste and built to last. Or you could try making one yourself with something like WordPress. If you do, we recommend using a paid theme like one from Woo Themes. Be wary of free themes, support tends to waiver. No, we are not in any way affiliated with Woo Themes. If you have some time and some patience, you could get away with just some general computer literacy together with some good quality googling skills and be up and running in a few days using a theme from Woo Themes or other similar theme directory.

effective blogging


One blog post a month minimum is often what we recommend to our clients who have websites with blogs as opposed to blogs as their website; more than one every few days and you run the risk of being grouped into the spam category. Somewhere in between is the sweet spot for you. What is your focus, the length of your posts, your target market, your customer base? On the other hand, if your site is centered around the blog, then once a month is quite probably nowhere near enough.


Keep it short – you don’t need to write an essay to be effective (keep in mind the ever decreasing attention span of the masses…). In fact, a couple of paragraphs is often enough to show you’ve done your research, you’ve got something interesting to say and you’ve said it. The higher the frequency, the shorter the posts can be.


Last, and most importantly, you want some good content for your post. This might not come easy. This may take research. This certainly means editing, re-writing and grammar checks. Good blog posting is often time consuming and the priority should be quality over quantity (now the pressure is on!).

Write what you’re passionate about, and if you’re not passionate about what your business does or needs or what your customers are passionate about… then you’re in the wrong industry. If you’re not passionate about the particular topic, get someone else to write about it, or change the topic.

If you’ve had some keyword research done for your site, use it in your blog posts. Golden keywords can be great for giving you ideas about what to write about as well. Definitely use them in titles where you can. Titles should be given plenty of consideration. Search engines like titles and you should too.


Effective bloggers use a variety of social media. If you have limited time, focus on the major ones, linking to your blog but making the as self-contained as possible (your great title is perfect for twitter). You just spent all that time posting a blog article. Make the most of it and post it to Facebook and twitter too. Nowadays, this can be an automatic process with the right set up. Ask us about that if you’re interested.

Finally, don’t spend too much time on it. You’ve got other work to do (this time I’m taking my own advice).