Garden Variety Websites

We like metaphors. Maybe websites are like gardens? Why not. Here’s what we think it takes to build and maintain a great garden:

A garden with integrity

Things should be as they seem. The big oak tree that looks so sturdy and wise, should be just that. If it’s hollow, or plastic, it will be found out sooner or later (and, in our experience, it’s usually sooner). See how your big hollow oak tree fares when the first storm hits.

Plastic Trees

Instead we use the right products, keeping it organic and fresh. We put a lot of thought into the soil and make sure the plants will be compatible before planting them.

A progressive garden

No use having a garden that doesn’t take advantage of all the new and improved techniques for gardening. Why would you spend all that time watering it manually when we can install an automatic watering system? You wouldn’t. Add up the time it saves you and you’ll be saving money on that decision in no time. Rather, spend that time collecting the fruit and picking flowers. We will take care of the watering and weeding. We love that sort of stuff.

A garden that promotes a healthy community and is sustainable

It’s all very well to have a thousand types of pretty flowers for launch date but how about 6 months from now, will you care about them enough then? What will they look like then? A thousand types of flowers requires a lot of maintenance and half of them only bloom in spring but you want your garden to look and feel good all year round don’t you?

You know what they say, “a garden shared is a garden multiplied”. If you haven’t heard that, take it from us, they say that all the time, and for good reason. Just like the plants within your garden work better when they are compatible, your entire garden works better when it is compatible with neighbouring gardens. You may need it to interact seamlessly with the Botanical Social Media gardens for example. Or what about a beehive to make sure all of your flowers get pollinated?

A garden that represents you and stands out from the other gardens

Everyone wants to attract the right visitors to their garden. These are the ones that both love your garden and, once they meet you, love you as well. To do this, your garden not only needs to stand out from the crowd but it needs to represent you authentically. If it doesn’t, over time, you will be found out. The visitors will become disenfranchised and leave to greener pastures sooner or later. And, as we all know, it’s far easier to keep the visitors you do have, than to constantly generate new ones.