Peek Brand Evolution

We are currently updating Peek’s branding. This comes at a time (not at all coincidentally) with the defining of Peek’s core values. The re-branding and re-launching consolidates this. It’s not that we don’t like the old Peek, in fact, we love it. It’s more about evolution rather than a revolution. Also, there’s heaps of cool new stuff that’s been developed on the web and what better place to use all of this than our own website?


Along with keeping up with the progression of web best practices, the re-branding has craftsmenship, community and integrity in mind. All of these are core Peek values. Tying all of this together with consistent branding is crucial for us just like it is for our clients. We want to work with clients that share the same values as us so the first step is to make it clear what we are all about and then to make sure it holds true for everything we do.