Dainty Delivery

Website and branding

Who said periods have to be awkward, embarrassing or inconvenient?

We were thrilled when Renata contacted us to create her vision for Dainty Delivery. Dainty Delivery is a monthly feminine hygiene delivery service that uses 100% organic brands. We have created an identity for the brand and developed the website. It was a fun and creative process with plenty of illustration – which we love.

Each month Dainty delivers feminine hygiene products to women across Australia right as that time of month is approaching. Not only does the service act as a reminder that your period is on it’s way, Dainty also throws in some special treats to spoil you right when you need it most!


Website Development Process

For the website we used a combination of wordpress to handle the content management and woocommerce to handle the e-commerce. These were integrated seamlessly into the custom theme we created for Dainty Delivery.

We used a great woocommerce addon to help manage the subscriptions, connected it to the Braintree payment gateway to handle the payments on-site and added custom recurring payment periods spanning from 18 – 35 days to match the different individual periods of the customers.