Melbourne Social Equity Institute

peek Studio melbourne



The MSEI supports interdisciplinary research on social equity issues across the full spectrum of social life including health, law, education, housing, work and transport. Our clients wanted to facilitate contribution from academics and encourage discussion on their research with a vibrant website and intelligent functionality. We loved the goals and were excited about the prospects of working with MSEI.

The design incorporated a number of brighter colours to enhance the life of the site.  MSEI did not want their site to be “boring”. We think we avoided that with the colour scheme and final touches like hand-drawn background patterns and social media integration. The design was also tailored to adapt to tablets and smart phones, giving the user a consistent experience irrespective of the device they were viewing the site from.



  • Website Design and Development
  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Design (iPad, iPhone)
  • Flyer template
  • Newsletter email template design and development
  • Flexible page layout templates


We built a tailored content management system for fleixible management of the many and differing types of content that MSEI wanted to publish. We integrated comments and discussion functionality to encourage contribution, a completely dyanmic menu so that administrators could quickly and easily add, edit and rearrange the pages on the website and integrated event management functionality to pull events from, and send events to, eventbrite to avoid double-handling of events that they wanted to keep their community informed of. The result lays the platform for the type of community that MSEI are looking to build.