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This website was to accompany the launch of MSSI’s book ‘2020 Vision for a Sustainable Future’. “Bringing together leaders from academia, business and government, this book focuses on practical steps that can steer Australia towards sustainability. In suggesting twenty actions by 2020, it provides a map to a more sustainable future.”  A current and important global issue being dealt with in this book and we were priveleged to be able to work with MSSI on their promotional website.

The focus for the website is primarily on the book. This included promotion of the book, enabling users to download, read and/or order the book and allowing MSSI to publish news and media related to the book. MSSI were looking for a modern, simple and clean look to their website and a consistent experience for users whether they were on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.


In making the website we built a flexible content management system. We switched between different PDF reader solutions from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones in order to accommodate differing levels of support. The result is a user-friendly overview together with direct access to a great book.

2020 Vision for a Sustainable Society


  • Website Design and Development
  • Content Management System
  • PDF viewer
  • Responsive Design (Tablets, Smartphones)