Richmond Community Learning Centre

Richmond Community Learning Centre (RCLC) provides spaces and opportunities for people to connect, contribute and communicate. They were in the process of launching an entirely new facility РBurnley Backyard Рwhich is a great community centre with a communal garden, facilities for hire and various classes. To launch with this, they needed a website to match, in fact three websites, one for each of their physical sites.

We carried out a workshop focusing on their various user groups to determine the best way forward. Engagement amongst all users had decreased. Current users, who are increasingly on a mobile device, often have a small set of well prioritised goals but are faced with a cluttered website with numerous pathways and links. To improve their experience, key areas of the website were streamlined with sub-sites that match each physical site but also integrate intuitively. At the same time new services are being promoted and prospective (as opposed to current) user groups are targeted.

Logo and website design