Template or Custom Design?

As the web evolves sites become more dependent on good design. Businesses and creatives alike need to stand out from the field. Good design is not just about the aesthetic looks but also search engine optimisation, usability and responsive web design. These are the aspects of a good website that help us stand out from the crowd. First impression, however, always comes back to the design.

Why are we on the web? We are certainly not here to hide from the world. We are on the web to have an opinion, to show and sell who we are. Whether you’re big business or on a desert island, the internet gives everyone e a chance to be heard. This is the power of the internet, but it’s powerless if you’re not seen or, maybe worse, seen but overlooked. Good design is not only about getting people to your site, it’s about catching their imagination when they get there and keeping them for as long as you need them to then take action by buying something, filling out your form or even just being informed. As the web evolves, more and more we need to design for emotion.

template or custom design

No two businesses can be run in the same way; ever. Developing custom websites involves high standards and the ability to tailor to your specific business. What are the chances that a template turns out to be an accurate representation of your business? Perhaps a million monkey web designers sitting at a million computers could produce this result by chance but otherwise, you need a unique design for a targeted result. Concentrating on the unique features of your own business will help to differentiate it and earn you the lions’ share of marketable profit. You cannot expect high-quality branding and customer loyalty if your site isn’t significantly more memorable, more accessible and just plain better than your competitors’ websites.

A custom web design allows you to put qualitative and fresh content in your website. If the content found is different from others, you increase your hit rate and search engines reward you with higher rankings. The biggest advantage of a custom design is that you get what you want. You decide what is important for your business, what is important to your customers and we ensure that it translates to your website design. The customisation of design and functional features of your website ensure that your business is branded appropriately.