The Continued Rise of the Phone and Tablet

It is estimated that, by 2014, mobile internet usage will take over from desktop as the most common method of browsing the web. The more people use it, the higher the demand and expectation there will be that your site performs well on the smart phone.

This growing demand is pushing mobile web browsers towards a more unified interpretation of code, much the same as the evolution of the desktop browser. This is good for you, as a site that looks great and functions perfectly is increasingly within your reach. Whether your site needs to be adapted to the smart phone or whether you are looking for your new project to provide a similar experience both on desktop and mobile browsers, it’s never been more accessible. Using tools like, we can even produce a mobile version of your website that looks like a native application (without the exorbitant time and cost involved in creating one).

continued rise of the phone and tablet

On the other hand, we all know how often sites just don’t hold up when viewed on a mobile phone. This is a time that your site and, by association, your business can stand heads and shoulders above your competitors’ desktop only websites. Great flexible design inspires confidence.

This post coincides with the completion of a recent project, which we tailored to both the iPad and iPhone. With the advantage of designing the project from the outset, we were able to give the user a virtually identical experience whether they were viewing the site on a wide-screen desktop computer, a laptop, tablet or iPhone (MSSI project).