Work with Peek for Free

Web development promotion

Today we start a promotion that we have been only talking about for far too long. We are giving away $2,000 worth of our time and skills to an organisation that is both community-minded and progressive. All we ask is that the applicant is aligned with our values, likes us as a result and then likes us on facebook. The project can be anything from web design and development, to graphic design or illustration. Basically anything that we do and love.

We are doing this simply because we love working for organisations like these. It is much more satisfying to work for a good cause that aligns with our own values, even if, on this occasion, it would be for free. We also hope to make a few new friends that are doing good things for their communities.

To apply to work with us for free, first read about us to see whether we are the kind of people you want to work with, then check out our work to see if we do the kind of work that you’re interested in. Finally, if that all works for you, head over to facebook to fill out a simple form to let us know who you are, what you do and what you would like some help with. Applications close on the 15th of September 2014. The recipient will be announced on the 20th of September via Facebook and email and for everyone else that applies, we will happily provide a quote on request with a 10% discount included. Read the terms and conditions here. Direct link to the form on Facebook here.